"From the country you're not allowed to see, comes the story you've never heard"

Fidel Castro's absence from the public stage for more than one year has generated renewed speculation as to the future of US/Cuba relations. Yet, most Americans are unaware of how US policy affects the island and have no idea why Cuba is off limits. Nor do they know that in the 1980's, the FBI named Miami a center of terrorism.

TELL ME CUBA unravels the complexities of the 50-year-old standoff between Cuba and the US. A Miami based terrorist, a Mafia chauffeur, ambitious members of Congress, and a secret negotiator reveal how a determined exile community hijacked U.S. foreign policy.

Today's conflict is traced back to its origins, from the Conquistadors' arrival in the new world, to U.S. intervention in the Cuban Wars of Independence, through the Revolution, terrorist attacks in both Cuba and on US soil, to the politicization of Miami exiles.

Veterans and political prisoners recalling the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis tell how violence and politics were later used to fight Castro on all fronts. This activity culminated in a punishing Embargo and the 1976 mid-air bombing of a Cuban airliner - the first terrorist attack on an airliner in the Western Hemisphere. TELL ME CUBA features a rare and disturbing interview with Dr. Orlando Bosch, one of Miami's celebrated terrorists.

When a few exiles promote dialogue they meet with some success in thawing relations and freeing Cuban political prisoners, but their actions are unheralded and they find themselves ostracized and punished by an increasingly powerful faction of militants.

By the early 1980s, these militant exiles transform into a powerful voting bloc bound by their rage. Politicians at every level of government, bowed by loyalty, ambition and fear, create a climate where terrorism is condoned and US policy becomes ossified and entrenched.

The film ends in discord. Those fighting for peaceful resolution are louder and clearer than ever. Those in opposition...never more powerful.

Today, Florida is again poised to determine the outcome of the US presidential election. Will it be the Cuban exile community who make the decision?